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The reality of life as an animal in Cambodia…..
Every visitor to Cambodia will instantly recognize the tragic plight of animals here. It is extremely difficult not too, regardless of education and background.
Why such misery?
Being a developing country, Cambodia is still coming to terms with genocide, civil war and heartbreaking poverty. To a family that can barely afford to feed, clothe and educate their own children, animals are not high on the agenda when it comes to health care and nutrition. Only animals with some monetary value, i.e. livestock, get some attention and may receive some form of vetenirany care and treatment.

For other animals however, it’s a very different story… Every household has at least one dog, to serve as guard dogs, but they are not considered companion animals or pets, as they are in western cultures. They are left to fend for themselves, eating garbage, receiving meals leftovers or just one bowl of rice a day - if fed at all!

Any disease or injury that may afflict them is left untreated, and as a consequence, many animals die a slow and painful death without veterinary intervention.
Dog injured in a traffic accident and left untreated
Pagoda cat with a hind leg infection
Due to the lack of proper infrastructure and education, veterinary support is very scarce, if available at all.

Many Cambodian vets are not trained to be able to do sterilizations. If it is performed, sometimes it is without appropriate anesthesia or pain relief. As a result, large amounts of dogs and cats are left to breed and produce unwanted litters every 6-8 months. Puppies who survive are generally given away and kittens are brought to the local pagoda where they will live a miserable life. The rest become stray, suffering death by starvation, injury and disease.
Hence the need for Angkor Paws Animal Rescue…..